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Help El Paso Earn Bid to Host 2015 US Bowling Championships!

Jul 08, 2011 No Comments by Jessica

Do you all remember that time last year when El Paso hosted thousands of visitors for the 2010 United States Bowling Congress Open Women’s Championships? Whether it’d be via billboards or seeing friendly strangers at your local mom-and-pop restaurants, El Paso was impacted in more ways than just making a few extra friends. Due to the substantial flow [...]

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El Pasoan Files Discrimination Claim Against Local Starbucks

May 18, 2011 No Comments by TSM Staff

Once again, El Paso is making headlines for one of those “tall” problems. Seems this time, though, its not our looks or terrible job market, its discrimination.

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Trending Topics: Who is Tejano Jack?

Mar 24, 2011 2 Comments by TSM Staff

This morning, El Paso Community College announced the arrival of the school’s new mascot- Tejano Jack. The El Paso Times added that that T.J. wants to be the face of the school- as well of the face of local Tejanos and Tejanas. We’re wondering what  your thoughts are on the mascot’s new look and feel. [...]

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El Paso “Least Socially Networked City”

Mar 17, 2011 1 Comment by Amy

It turns out that Men’s Health, a magazine that once ranked El Paso as the 27th most-sex-happy city, has a quite a different opinion of the Sun City when it comes to social networking. Thanks to a reader tip, TSM found out that El Paso was officially given a score of ‘F’ and placed dead [...]

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Meet Your Local Bloggers

Mar 11, 2011 2 Comments

We love blogs! And the only thing we love more than visiting our favorites daily, is adding more to our list. Here are a few blogs authored by amazing El Pasoans.  Read, comment and bookmark! 1. True Love Nation by Erika Ann. Erika grew a deep appreciation for weddings when planning her own. Now happily married, Erika [...]

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Trending Topics: UTEP Basketball Coach Tim Floyd Escorted Out of Game by Police

Feb 24, 2011 2 Comments

If there was ever a time when we wished we could read lips it was when we watched this 3 minute clip posted by the Huffington Post which recaps the anger and frustration that took place on the sidelines.

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Trending Topics: Juarez Violence takes Video Game Form

Feb 10, 2011 No Comments

In a disappointing turn of events, game developers have decided to capitalize on the cartel violence that has plagued Mexico for years and has resulted in the death of thousands of people in our neighboring city, Juarez. Two new games are set to be released this summer,  ”Call of Juarez: The Cartel” and “Smuggle Truck.” According to [...]

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Could El Paso be Next Music Capital?

Jan 27, 2011 No Comments

City Council: We love you! On Tuesday, the big boys (and girls) who give us permission to do stuff around here approved city permits and agreed to fork up $20k for our wonderful city to host the much-anticipated Neon Music Festival. The festival, to take place in the San Jacinto Plaza and Cleveland Park areas, will [...]

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Trending Topics: Food Trucks

Jan 27, 2011 1 Comment

More likely than not, you’ve seen an ecstatic post on Facebook about one of the delicious eateries that have been trucking around El Paso. Food trucks become somewhat of a trending topic on both the local and national level. If you tune in to FoodNetwork and you can catch an episode of The Great Food Truck [...]

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Trending Topics: American Idol

Jan 20, 2011 No Comments

Whether you have actually been interested or not, everyone has been talking about American Idol. Season 10 premiered last night to criticism, acclaim and even indifference. Since, the reviews are all over the map, we took to to watch a replay of the show & give our 2 cents.

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