Introducing J. Luxe Boutique

Aug 30, 2011 6 Comments by Amy

Words by Amy Arsenault

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Clothing Provided by J. Luxe Boutique

“Stacking a ridiculous amount of bracelets together, platform booties and rose gold.”

These are three of local fashion connoisseur, Jessica Escalante’s, trending topics right now.

Escalante began sharing her high-end style tips with the world in 2009. Since her start, she has run several localized fashion-forward websites including The Rest is Just Icing, Vida City Guide, J. Luxe, and of course, The Stanton Magazine, earning the mentions of designers like Rachel Roy.

In August of 2011, though, Escalante peeled away from her digital world to open J.Luxe, a new Cincinnati-district boutique, offering her best selections in women’s clothing and accessories to the many followers who’ve grown green over her exquisite taste.

“I’ve wanted to own a boutique since I was in high school. I tried law school for a while but I was terrible at it. I’ve always been more of a creative soul, so instead of lying to myself and trying to go into a “lucrative” profession, I chose to follow my heart and do what really makes me happy. I know it takes a lot of work to start a business so when I finally matured a bit, got a business plan together and found an investor, I took the plunge” she said.

Thankfully for El Paso, her plunge resulted in a classically elegant shop with just the right amount of panache to have the women of El Paso yearning for more.  When asked about what catches her eye, Escalante explained, “I can’t really explain what I look into. I’d say I go with my instinct. I do love good quality materials, I notice stitching and the weight of the fabric. I buy pieces I’d like to wear and pieces I know are timeless but maintain stylish integrity.  I love both edgy and feminine.”

Stars like Nicole Richie, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Brigitte Bardot and most recently, Cate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge provide Escalante with hints of inspiration, but at the end of the day she’s hoping that by staying uniquely herself, the results will follow.

“I think what sets J. Luxe apart from other local boutiques would be the eclectic decor and unique brands. I’m an extremist–so I like really old, unique items and really modern minimalist touches, too. We have vintage furniture and also more modern elements like lucite pieces.  I also like brands that aren’t very popular. People will ask me, “what brands do you carry?” assuming they’ll hear something familiar, and when I mention some of our lines, I’ll often get blank stares! I like new, progressive, up-and-coming designers so that’s what I’m always in search for and that’s what you’ll find. I’m constantly researching unique brands so it’s very possible that you’ll see a new line at J. Luxe every few months” added Escalante.

J. Luxe sits at a mid-range price point with accessories ranging from $12 to $125 and clothing from $30 to $200. Perhaps as varied as the boutiques price point is the store’s lavish clientele. In a short period of time, everyone from girls in their 20′s and 30′s to grandmotherly style-seekers wander through the doors to see what lies behind the chic and simple exterior.

“I have had grandmothers come in and buy something for themselves AND their granddaughters. I had an elderly woman call me an old soul recently…that made me smile.”

On a final note, Escalante added, “I’m just so grateful for that support we’ve had and that everything in the store has sold at a pretty steady pace. There are a couple of dresses and rompers that flew off the shelves in the first week. I don’t believe in re-orders because I want every girl who buys an item at J. Luxe Boutique to be one of the few in the city who has it. We all want to feel special and with us, you can truly have that!”

J. Luxe Boutique
230 Cincinnati Ave.
El Paso, TX
Hours: M-Sat 11-6

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