Terrariums: Gorgeous Focal Points in the Form of Miniature Ecosystems!

Terrariums are presently one of the trendy designs. These miniature, easy-to-grow gardens are the best way to get the outdoor lush greeneries inside in the form of dwarf plants. So, what are you waiting for? Fetch the wonder of nature into your house by making a terrarium.

Modern Terrariums for Home Décor

Home Décor

From the home interior decoration perspective, these terrariums are great for making a bold, trendy statement in any kind of indoor space, be it your home, office or business space. The modern terrariums are the latest trend in flower and plant décor. Apart from being used for interior decoration, they also make excellent gifts and the best way for getting kids start with gardening.

Choosing the Best Plants for Spicing up the Décor

Selecting the right plant for your terrarium can be a bit tricky. One of the important aspects that determine the kind of plant to be chosen is the glass container’s size. The glass sides of the container should not touch any part of the plant. As far as recommendation for terrarium plants goes, it would be better to avoid succulent plants such as agaves, cacti, and aloe. If at all you strongly favor such plants, opt for an open topped and wide container filled with sandy soil with less moisture content.

Non-succulent plants are less demanding and hence make great choices. Few of the best options for terrariums include –

You can get lots of ideas from a good terrarium magazine as well.

Where to Buy Pre-Made Terrarium?

If you are not in for making a terrarium on your own, you can buy a range of pre-made ones from outside. Few of the stores that make and sell pre-made terrariums are garden stores, greenhouses, flower shows, nurseries and florists.